• 4oz Atomic Gripper Swivel Lead

Key Features:

  • Totally new design for maximum grip
  • Aggresive hold of the bottom
  • Perfect for river fishing
  • Extra grip allows you to use a smaller lead
  • Ideal for fishing sloping margins or islands

Colour Options:

  • Muddy Green - Even mix of Green and Brown colouring.  Good all around use for most lake beds. A firm favourite. 
  • Silty Green - Green and Brown mix with small amount of black added to darken the finish down.  Always a popular choice.
  • Sand Camo - Mostly light sand coloured with a small amount of black, orange and yellow added to match natural sand
  • Dark Sand Camo - Oranges, brown with a small mix of black and yellow added to give a richer, darker sand finish
  • Clay Camo - Greys, brown and orange give this a colour close to natural clay. Great for use on clear rivers.
  • Gravel Camo - White and black mix to match the more common gravel area's in lakes
  • Stone Camo - Grey and black blend to replicate the common stone colours found in waters
  • Desert Storm - Cream, grey and beige with a small amount of brown to give this a nice camo mix.
  • Black Camo - Mostly black with a light speckle of green to help it blend in on the bottom. A new twist on a classic colour
  • Weedy Green -  A mix of light and dark green give this a lighter finish which helps camouflage when fished in or around weed.
  • Brown Camo - Blend of light and dark brown with a very light speckle of white and black for a more natural brown camouflage finish.
  • Lime Green - Light green base with a small amount of red, and light speckling of brown and black.  Good for all around use
  • Matt Black - All black coating with a matt finish
  • Matt Army Green -  Mix of green, brown, black and cream, with a matt finish for maximum camouflage
  • 4oz Atomic Gripper Swivel Lead

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